Who Are We?



BEZIRCIOGLU LTD, established in 1973, entered the sector with sales of iron and steel. BEZIRCIOGLU LTD, which proved itself as a success in short time, has been earning the right to occupy the top positions in the sector by producing door hinge and accessories in 1996.

Our company, which keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by producing new projects continuously with the quality documents we have received, is continuously expanding its product range with new product designs by increasing product and service quality.

Our goal is to be continuous and innovative. With this understanding, our company, which has increased its production area to 5000 square meters, continues to work on a wider field.

Our company which exports to more than 20 countries, meets in domestic fairs and at fairs in the country. It has made world brand recognition of “BEZİRCİOĞLU” brand. Innovative AR-GE screen, our new product design company is working to provide quality service.




  • To meet the needs and expectations of existing and prospective customers and to provide service on customer expectations.
  • To keep the motivation of our employees high and to improve their performances.
  • To see our suppliers as business partners, to keep our respect and reliability at the highest quality at all times.
  • Be open to innovation, use the latest technologies and always look better.
  • Be sensitive and careful about work safety and protection of the environment.
  • To carry out our activities in accordance with the laws and standards.
  • To utilize our resources in the most efficient way, to keep the title that we have earned rightfully in the sector with safe and high quality works, giving importance to people and knowing the value of human life.


  • Meeting customer expectations on time, on time and in full; respectful to the environment, aesthetic and functional in terms of providing customer satisfaction at the highest level of service.
  • To be reliable in service; customer satisfaction, quality, speed and stability principles, ethical values, customer focused solutions, giving importance to a company with social responsibility and 100% customer satisfaction is to provide.


  • To increase our brand value, which is identified with quality, to be among the leading companies in the sector.
  • Our brand value, which is identified with quality, will rise worldwide and become one of the leading companies in the sector.
  • We are trying to create new things about the countries we do.


  • To continuously improve product quality by watching technological developments.
  • To fulfill the requirements of the quality management system, to ensure that the system works efficiently and continuously.
  • To lead the industry with innovative applications and to provide the best satisfaction in customer demands.

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